MRC Christian Education 

  • What: MRC Meetings/Work Day
  • When:       Saturday, March 3, 2018, 7:00-2pm
  • Where:      Palmetto, MRC Campground
  • Who: All members of MRC congregations
  • Format: 52nd Camp Meeting Committee Meetings
  • What: Junior/ Senior Luncheon
  • When: Saturday, March 3, 12 Noon
  • Where: Palmetto, MRC Campground
  • Who: 8th Grade and Above

Graduating seniors will be recognized during the luncheon due to the small number of juniors and seniors across MRC congregations.  We need the cooperation of all congregations.

Let’s remain vigilant; let us be strong and courageous as we continue the work that is before us. Please be mindful of the dates pertinent to work of the MRC that our God might be lifted up and draw all men to him.

Murelle G. Harrison