Statement of Faith:  By Pastor Rev. Dr. Bart Riggins, Faith Chapel CHOG


We believe in the one true God who is the maker of heaven and earth.

We believe in the Holy Trinity.  God is three distinct persons and yet one.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the members of the Trinity.

Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten Son.  Though He exists from eternity, he was born a child of the Virgin Mary.  He is the Christ; the divine Son of God.  He lived a sinless life, taught the truth of God’s word and then died on a Roman Cross for the sins of all people.

The Holy Spirit is God present with us.  He came on the Day of Pentecost after Jesus returned to the Father and He remains to comfort, guide, enlighten, equip, empower and cleanse all Christians until the end.

We believe in the truth, accuracy and inerrancy of the Bible.  The Bible is the only source of our doctrine.  We should recognize no authority from man to change or modify the Bible.  We should seek not to add to, subtract from or corrupt the teachings of the Bible.  The Bible is the final authority and Christ alone is Lord.

We believe salvation is totally dependent on Jesus’ death on the cross and not our own good works.  We cannot ever earn our way to heaven.  We must receive Jesus into our hearts and be “born again” as described in John 3 of the Bible.  Only Christ can make the change in our hearts and wipe clean the record of our sins.  After we have accepted Jesus Christ we are then called to good works toward building up the Kingdom of God and body of Christ.

We believe in the “Second Work of Grace” whereas we yield to the fullness of the Holy Spirit after we have accepted Jesus into our hearts.  It took the Holy Spirit to bring us to the point of salvation and it takes the Holy Spirit to fulfill our salvation.  Without the Holy Spirit we might be faltering and stumbling Christians.  But the Holy Spirit will come in, at our invitation, and cleanse us from the sinful nature of the human race.  The Holy Spirit is a necessary friend and guide, not only for the individual Christian but for the church as a whole.  We believe that the evidence of the Holy Spirit in one’s life is the development of Spiritual fruit (Galatians 5:22).

Christianity transforms a person into the image of Jesus Christ.  We believe that each Christian should work on “letting this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus.”  To choose not to transform into the image of Christ is the choice to backslide.  The Christian must stay close to Christ and stay away from sin.  Sin has the same effect for the Christian as for the non-Christian:  the end result is death, spiritual separation from the Lord.  We should no more expect to be able to live in sin and stay pleasing to God than we could expect to stay in the mud and stay clean.  God’s grace is sufficient to keep us safe from sin.  But if we choose not to remain under the effect of God’s grace we shall be in sin.  If we return to sin we shall return to the penalty of sin which is spiritual death.

We believe in Christian unity.  All true Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ.  All believers in Christ are bound together in God’s Spiritual family and thus form God’s one church.  God sees His church as it cuts across all cultural, denominational and movement boundaries.  The boundaries are of human’s making.  All believers should experience a spiritual kinship so close that they can recognize themselves as one family.  Christian unity is based on this spiritual bond not the efforts of humankind.

We believe in the second coming of Christ at the end of all time.  When Christ comes the earth will cease to exist.  All people who have ever lived will be gathered before the judgment seat of Christ.  When Christ returns, all people will receive their rewards according to how they have responded to Christ and Word of God.

We believe in a literal Heaven and Hell.  Heaven will be the eternal place of blessing for all those who obeyed Christ and lived for Him.  Hell will be the eternal place of punishment for all those who refused to believe in and live for God’s only son, Jesus Christ.

We believe in financial stewardship (tithing) that we are to bring ten percent of our income to the Lord’s House, and also give a cheerful offering as the Holy Spirit directs. We also believe in time, talent and energy stewardship where we intentionally dedicate our lives to Christian service both at a local church fellowship and in daily life.

We believe that every believer has a calling and a ministry.  Each believer should seek to develop their calling and their gifts as well as allow the Holy Spirit to develop spiritual fruit within.  We believe in the operation of all spiritual gifts with the administration of each one’s gift coming out of a life that is producing spiritual fruit, including pastors, apostles, prophets, teachers, miracles, gifts of healing, evangelists, administrators, helps and hospitality etc. as listed in the various gifts listing throughout the New Testament.  We believe that every gift should be used to help build up the kingdom of God and neutralize the works of Satan.  We believe that every gift should be at work according to the word of God in decency and in order.