South African Mission

Faith Chapel’s South African Mission began in 2005 when Joyce G. Green was asked by her sister, Murelle G. Harrison, to accompany her to South Africa. Joyce accepted the invitation with the condition that she could start a mission project. Dr. Harrison was conducting research through the National Institute on Drug Abuse and had contact with several principals in rural Polokowane. Kokona Dikgale, one of the smaller schools, was selected as the school for the mission project.

On our first visit the school had no electricity, but over the 10 years, Faith Chapel, Southern University and New Life Church of God have faithfully supported the school to provide electricity, Internet access, a teacher assistant, computers and school supplies.

You, too, can make a significant difference by donating now to the students’ plentiful educational needs, such as school supplies, computers, and outdoor activities.  No funds are used for travel or administrative costs; all donations are forwarded directly to Kokona Dikgale Primary School and are closely monitored.

To donate, go to:

For additional information, contact Dr. Murelle G. Harrison at